All the production processes follow company procedures in line with regulations, it is guaranteed an internal control system ensuring the traceability of all products and the entire supply chain, from raw materials to packaging materials.

The standard processing steps, are adapted to each process, depending on the specificity of the product, while maintaining the HACCP as a guide lines.

  • Incoming raw materials monitoring, including those under processing
  • Compliance monitoring of packaging materials, including those under processing
  • Monitoring during critical phases of production
  • Finished product control
  • Packaged product control

Nutrival works with clients to program and carry out their own analyzes on the finished product or semi-finished product, in external laboratories, including those not affiliated.

The phase of new product development is supported by Nutrival with samples to verify the feasibility of the projects. Nutrival supports customers in the most appropriate choices about the stability analysis that must be performed in order to ensure an adequate shelf-life of the product.

Self-control activities are carried out in all processing environments, by all operators.

Nutrival pays special attention to environmental protection, the residues resulting from the dust suction system are treated separately, all waste materials are sorted and then discarded, to prevent contamination of the air, water and soil, to preserve the integrity of the surrounding natural environment.

According to Nutrival, the quality of its products must be translated into quality and man's life improvement.